Sibling discount is applicable for the third sibling of a family unit, seeking admission in the same school
Children of a guardian and his/her wards do not qualify because they are considered a separate family unit
Sibling discount is set at 25% in tuition fee only and applicable to the third sibling onwards (in case of a larger family unit)
Sibling discount is applicable on tuition fee only (all other fees are charged and are not open to this discount)
Should a sibling be withdrawn from school, the sibling discount (for remaining siblings) is null and void with immediate effect. In such a scenario, the School Head notifies the concerned Regional Office (consult school office for more details)
The School Head, full-time teachers and the administrative staff of the school can educate only one child free of cost in the same school
The second child of the same staff member gets a 50% concession on tuition fee only, in the same school
Concession is applicable to the first and second child only