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General Information2021-09-14T05:07:58+00:00
  • Registration starts in January and continues till the first week of March every year
  • Registration forms are available at all schools
  • Prospectus is provided at the time of registration
  • All students must take, and clear, an oral and written admission test to gain acceptance (written test not applicable for pre-school)
  • A successful test clearance is necessary before qualifying for an interview
  • The admission tests are prepared in accordance with the appropriate level for each class and are evaluated as per criteria chalked out by the School Head
  • Admission results are announced within approximately 2 working days
  • Deposit fee at the designated bank or school along with the completed registration form
  • Schedule for date of interview and the admission test is announced
  • An oral and written test is conducted as per schedule
  • A child must first clear the written test before qualifying for the interview (written test not applicable for pre-school)
  • The child and his/her parents are interviewed by the School Head (and possibly also by attending staff members)
  • Should the child clear the admission test and the interview, the admission fee invoice is to be submitted at the school to complete the admission process
Admission Test2021-09-14T05:29:18+00:00

There is no written test for Pre-school. The admission test for primary and secondary school is based on the following subjects and classes.

Fee Concession and Discounts2021-09-14T05:29:36+00:00

Fee concession or discounts are offered in the following scenarios:

  • For school staff
  • For siblings
Terms & Conditions2021-09-14T05:30:12+00:00

Sibling discount is applicable for the third sibling of a family unit, seeking admission in the same school
Children of a guardian and his/her wards do not qualify because they are considered a separate family unit
Sibling discount is set at 25% in tuition fee only and applicable to the third sibling onwards (in case of a larger family unit)
Sibling discount is applicable on tuition fee only (all other fees are charged and are not open to this discount)
Should a sibling be withdrawn from school, the sibling discount (for remaining siblings) is null and void with immediate effect. In such a scenario, the School Head notifies the concerned Regional Office (consult school office for more details)
The School Head, full-time teachers and the administrative staff of the school can educate only one child free of cost in the same school
The second child of the same staff member gets a 50% concession on tuition fee only, in the same school
Concession is applicable to the first and second child only

Withdrawal and transfers2021-09-14T05:30:50+00:00

Upon withdrawal notification, the school has to obtain clearance from relevant departments (library, computer and science lab, administration and accounts etc.).


For withdrawal request by parent:
Parents or the guardian must submit a written notice, one month in advance, to the school or else proceed for immediate withdrawal and forfeit one month fee in lieu of the one month notice period
For expulsion (withdrawal enforced by the school):
The school has the authority to request parents to withdraw a child from school on any one of the following:
Absence from the school for over a month, without prior notice and approval
Inability to pay dues for over two months
Misconduct – student expulsion is carried out after serving of an expulsion notice period which is followed by the letter of expulsion

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